Christina Winholt Raccuia


While experienced in many methods, I practice interpersonal psychotherapy focused on problem solving in the here and now, which also incorporates cognitive, or thought changing therapy. Life transitional issues are a natural source of stress, but also create opportunity to change. My therapeutic goal is to focus on how to change your thoughts about your circumstances to enable you to move forward fruitfully and with new and changed perspective.

We cannot choose our history, but we can manage it better. Abuse, immigration, relationship discord, grief, and change in employment are just a few of the life altering circumstances causing distress, often expressed as anxiety, depression or anger. When did the problem begin and how do we change it?

Building a strong and safe therapeutic relationship is essential for the clients to freely express themselves and explore their personal challenges. I view our work together as a partnership and I will work with you to explore your life issues, identify new possibilities, and support efforts that allow you to move forward in your life. My practice style utilizes the method(s) that best meet the particular needs of the individual, while providing a safe and caring environment.

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My Approach

  1. New York State Licensed Master Social Worker

  2. MA, LMSW           New York University

  3. Psychoanalytic Training

  4. Member of National Association of Social Work (NASW)

  5. Member of The Association of Oncology Social work

Christina Winholt Raccuia

23 W. 10th Street

New York, NY 10011


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